Psychiatry Clerkship

Welcome to the Psychiatry Clerkship. This clerkship consists of both inpatient and outpatient/consultative Psychiatry-based rotations at VCU Medical Center, Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center, the Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC), and Jackson Center. Through these clinical experiences, students will apply and develop their knowledge and skills in the world of psychiatry. This growth in clinical abilities will occur through direct patient care, learning at the bedside and through the opportunity to attend weekly case conferences and learning didactics. We have made every effort to provide an environment in which your own skill-directed learning can be maximized.

Welcome from the Clerkship Director

M3 Clerkship Director's Welcome

Welcome from the Clerkship Director

We are genuinely delighted that you have joined us for this short but impactful period in your training. We are looking forward to working with you and regardless of your future career path, we wish you the most exciting, stimulating, rewarding, and transforming experience possible over the coming weeks. The Psychiatry clerkship will provide you with a solid foundation in clinical reasoning, help you acquire fundamental skills, reinforce and expand your knowledge of the pathophysiology and treatment of common adult and pediatric psychiatric disorders, and help you develop personally and professionally. 

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Psychiatry Clerkship Director

Kathryn L. Jones, M.D., Ph.D.
Virginia Treatment Center for Children/Children’s Hospital of Richmond
VCU Health/VCU School of Medicine
Office: VTCC Room 2-224
Phone: (804) 828-0045 or (804) 201-3818

Psychiatry Clerkship Associate Director

Ryan-Marie Chiarella, D.O.
VCU Health/VCU School of Medicine
Office: West 8 - Room G8-304
Phone: (804) 628-8519 or (804) 366-6777