The core of the VCU Department of Psychiatry's mission is to train tomorrow’s mental health professionals. Our program balances brain science and therapeutic training to inspire the next generation of psychiatrists and psychologists. VCU provides the knowledge and support that help our students achieve here, and beyond our walls.




Like VCU and our community of Richmond, VA, our psychiatry residency experience stands out from the crowd. Check us out to see if we’re a good fit for your future as a physician.

1. A distinct and decided vision and mission. To be specific, we’re committed to:

• Produce compassionate physicians capable of delivering the highest-quality psychiatric care to patients in a variety of settings.

• Create a collegial and supportive setting for intellectual growth.

• Partner with our house staff in contributing to the science of psychiatry through mentorship, research opportunities and sharing of information.

• Contribute to the science and art of medical education through innovations in training.

• Partner with our house staff in gracefully accepting the challenges of providing care to the medically underserved.

• Promote lifelong learning in the context of a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

2. Strong, involved leaders. 24/7. We provide you, the resident, with the educational, administrative and personal support to prepare you for excellence in psychiatric medicine.

3. Challenging, supportive environment. VCU Health’s psychiatry residency program isn’t the easiest program you could find. Our program pushes you, because we’re preparing you well for a future serving a variety of patients, and in a variety of settings. Our promise to you: from our leadership team, your mentors and members of your cohort, we’ll support you in becoming a well-rounded, highly capable, compassionate psychiatrist.

4. Diverse patient population. One of the many strengths you’ll experience here at VCU is tremendous clinical exposure to a broad population of patients, including those with challenging psychiatric conditions and those with complex comorbidities.

5. Camaraderie and collegiality. In the hospital and out. In class and out on the town. For you, that means you’ll enjoy special access to our faculty and their strong professional connections—locally, nationally and internationally.

6. Dedication to teaching and learning. Talented teachers, skilled clinicians, invested researchers, active mentors. We each chose VCU psychiatry because of its committed, respected and talented team. And we remain here because we each found a great fit. We love what we do.

7. We’re part of Richmond, VA, and Richmond’s part of us. You can’t separate the two, which makes it a GREAT place to learn, live, raise a family, contribute to the community. Minimal commute. Maximum lifestyle—with easy daytrips to big cities, beautiful beaches and refreshing mountains.

8. Nationally known for innovation. You’ll benefit from the fact that our psychiatric residency program is one of the most innovative programs in the country. We keep our eyes on the changing healthcare environment and what that means to maintain excellence in training and practice. So you’ll be prepared to succeed, no matter where you head after training.