September 11

To Appraise the Design and Implementation of Recent Health Reform Legislation

Ross Airington, MPA 



September 18

Morale and Mental Health in Vietnam--Highlights from US Army Psychiatry in the Vietnam War: New Challenges in Extended Counterinsurgency Warfare
Norman M. Camp, MD



September 25

No Grand Rounds


October 2

Updates in Insomnia: from (A)mbien to Es(Z)opiclone
Ericka L. Crouse, PharmD, BCPP, CGP, FASHP



October 9

Psychiatric Genetics: An Update

Kenneth S. Kendler, M.D.



October 16

No Grand Rounds Scheduled- The 53rd Annual Children's Mental Health Symposium


October 23

Using Genomics Methods to Identify Pharmacological Targets to Treat TBI
Jessica Gill, Ph.D., MSN


October 30

An Overview of Sleep Physiology and Sleep Disorders
Tushar P. Thakre, M.D., Ph.D., FAPA



November 20

Varieties of Impulsivity in Opiate and Stimulant Users
Jasmin Vassilvea, Ph.D.



December 4

ASYLUM:  A Psycho-legal Collaboration
Cheryl Al-Mateen, M.D., Jillian Tuck, J.D., Leslie Kimball-Franck, Ph.D., LCP



December 11

Suicidality:  Best Practices in Assessment and Management
Cheryl Al-Mateen, M.D., Anand Pandurangi, M.D., Theresa Searls, RN, CNS, NP

January 8

Assessing Internalizing Symptoms in People with Down Syndrome
Ruth Brown, Ph.D.


January 15

Gallows Humor
Troy Hoff, D.O., Ph.D.

January 29

Cognition and Chronic Non-Malignant Pain
Norriece Gibson, M.D.



February 5

Autism: Evolution of the Disorder and its Related Stigma
Sarah Thayil, M.D.



February 12

8th Annual Gayle Gwaltney Psychiatry Grand Rounds
The Challenges of Mental Healthcare in the Commonwealth

Jack W. Barber, M.D.



February 19

Avoiding Slippery Slopes
Mary Alice Fisher, Ph.D. 

February 26

Early Childhood and Trauma: Evidence for Prevention and Early Intervention Models of Psychiatric Care
Jennifer Hinesley, Psy.D.

March 4

The Deeds Effect
Peter Breslin, M.D.



March 11

Henrico Crisis Intervention Team: Collaboration among social workers, law enforcement, and the community to support persons with mental health problems in crisis



March 25

Current State of Gun Laws
Zia Uddin, M.D.


April 1

Dementia Praecox, Schizophrenia and the Origins of American Psychiatry
Richard Noll, Ph.D.


April 8

"I'm Going to Sue You": Psychiatry Malpractice in Evolving Contexts
Inna Garber, D.O.


April 15

Empiracal Support for Mental Health Treatment Apps
Tyler Laney, Ph.D.


April 22

Cosmetic Surgery:  Beauty of the Beast?
Mark Bahoura, M.D.

April 29



May 6

Feeding Disorders in Pediatric Populations:  Prevalence and Treatment Approach
Haley E. Kutner, Ph.D.


May 13

HIV Psychiatry:  Where Have We Come From and Where are We Going?
David Lekberg, M.D.

May 20

Pediatric Delirium
Ravinderpal Singh, M.D.




May 27

Intellectual Disability:  Understanding Intellectual Disability and the Challenges Face by Those Affected
Claudia Cuervo, M.D.