Silverman with chief

Chairman's Letter

Dear Colleague:
Today more than ever, I strongly believe ours is one of the most outstanding psychiatry programs anywhere. When someone asks, “Why VCU”?, I welcome the opportunity to share my answer.

We offer a robust academic program, large enough to offer special learning opportunities without sacrificing the capacity to support each resident as an individual. Our didactic program is detailed and thorough, with a balanced approach to psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.

Our program also includes ample direct observation/high-definition recording capability for psychotherapy supervision, as well as rich and varied clinical resources at several local sites.
And then there is our internationally recognized excellence in research, driven by a staff that is both accessible and approachable—all of whom teach, and most round with and supervise residents.
And if all of those important medical/educational factors weren’t enough, there is Richmond and its environs—a wonderful area with a low cost of living, mild climate, cultural diversity and plenty of amenities and activities.
In closing, we appreciate your interest in our department, the opportunity to share ideas and continue the very important work of developing medical professionals of the highest caliber.
Joel J. Silverman, MD
Chairman, Department of Psychiatry
P.S. Click here for even more compelling reasons, “Why VCU?”