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The Department had a great time at The  Cameron K. Gallagher Memorial Foundation's Speakup 5k held on September 12th.

Congratulations to Gerad Moeller, M.D. for being selected as VCU's Director for the Center for Clinical and Translational Research 

Congratulations to Scott McDonald, Psy.D., (VAMC) lead author on A Systematic Review of the PTSD Checklist’s Diagnostic Accuracy Studies Using QUADAS published recently in Psychological Trauma:  Theory, Research, Practice and Policy.

Congratulations to Michael Neale, Ph.D. for being part of an international research team that found genetic factors may affect the varying thickness of different parts of the cortex of the brain and the underlying genetic factors could eventually help identify individuals at risk for neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, depression or dementia.  

Congratulations to Anand Pandurangi, M.D. who is now a representative of the Practice Plan on the Finance and Property Committee of the VCUHS Authority Board. 

Dr. Joel Silverman and Dr. Neil Sonenklar had published a powerful letter to the editor recently about depression in adolescents.  It appeared in the September 14 RTD immediately after the SpeakUp 5K in memory of  Cameron Gallagher

Dr. Bela Sood
had a formidable OpEd in the August 1st RTD about what changes could be made in the juvenile justice system which would turn lives around from crime and violence.  For a copy, please email:

Congratulations to Drs. Bela Sood and Robert Cohen on their work publishing a new book, The Virginia Tech Massacre:  Strategies and Challenges for Improving Mental Health Policy on Campus and Beyond. 

Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Kendler for his recent election to the Board of Directors for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.  Dr. Kendler was recently ranked in “A List of Highly Influential biomedical Researchers, 1996-2011” published by the European Journal of Clinical Investigation

Richmond Magazine
names Dr. Silverman, Levenson, Sood, and Sonenklar as top Psychiatrists and Dr. Moeller as a top doc in Addiction Medicine. 

Dr. Kornstein speaks with NPR during Suicide Prevention Month.

Dr. Turner was invited to serve on the editorial board for Annals of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Today’s Discovery: An Innovative Treatment for Depression on CBS Channel 6

James Levenson, M.D. is named Richmond Magazine’s Top Doc in Psychiatry for the 5th straight year in a row.

Kenneth Kendler's study regarding adopted children and substance abuse was featured on CNN health.

Kenneth Kendler was honored as one of three recipients of the 2012 Virginia's Outstanding Scientists award.

Kenneth Kendler was awarded the 2011 Jean Delay Prize from the World Psychiatric Association

John M. Hettema talks with and answers a few questions about this month's Fast Moving Fronts paper in the field of Psychiatry/Psychology. MORE

The VCU Medical Center Department of Psychiatry conducted a panel discussion before a studio audience at the Community Idea Stations on July 13th as a follow-up to “Voices of Hope and Recovery,” a local Public TV documentary and was then broadcast on July18th as a WCVE Forum program. This special community conversation featured a panel of regional experts who answered previously submitted questions. "A Conversation About Children's Mental Health" LISTEN NOW

President Eugene P. Trani and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Stephen D. Gottfredson recognized Mary Ellen Olbrisch, PhD for her outstanding accomplishments in the areas of teaching, scholarship, service and overall excellence and honored her with the Distinguished Faculty Award. Throughout her career and specifically in her 24 years at the Department of Psychiatry, at VCUHS, Olbrisch has maintained a tradition of service that has carried over to her roles as a clinical health psychology educator and practitioner. Dr. Olbrisch specializes in obesity and weight loss surgery, living organ donors, and post traumatic stress disorders. MORE

Susan G. Kornstein, MD has been chosen by Jewish Women International as a "Women to Watch" honoree for her work as a pioneer in women’s health. Kornstein, a professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, is one of 10 women nationwide to receive the JWI’s national leadership award this year. MORE